Around The World Flight

It is often stated that the aviation community needs to spark interest in aviation.  Simply stated, this is true.  Captain Judy Rice’s Around the World Flight engaged over 20,000 students in the United States and other nations. 

The Around the World Flight occurred in 2015 and used the Cessna Citation Mustang CE-510 pictured above. Special appreciation is due to to Ardwin Freight for their generous donation of Think Global Flight’s Around the World airplane, all of our Volunteers, and of course our Sponsors.

The students’ Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) and career awareness was developed through numerous events.  These students were exposed to real-time cultures by joining Captain Judy in her travels through social media, the web site blog, or LIVE broadcasts.  Students participated in the Winds Aloft Contest.  This student-led program empowered and excited all the participating students in their learning through researching, analyzing, and forecasting winds aloft and flight parameters from one of Think Global Flight’s routes of their choosing.  Students interacted with Rice throughout her flight, comparing their predictions with actual winds aloft and much more.

The Airplane

Cessna Citation Cockpit

Class of Aircraft: Light Jet
Brand: Cessna
Model:: Citation
Type:: Mustang CE510
Route:  Eastbound – North Atlantic Ocean
Point of departure and return: KBUR
Date of departure: June 13, 2015
Date of return: August 15, 2015
Duration, flight hours: 70
Distance flown: 22,536
Refueling stops:  12
Countries: 35

The Route

ABurbank, CAKBUR
BBillings, MTKBIL828
CRegina, CanadaCYQR318
DPickle Lake, CanadaCYPL618
EIqaluit, CanadaCYFB789
FKangerlussuaq, GreenlandBGSF485
GReykjavik, IcelandBIRK727
HEdinburgh, UKEGPH737
ILondon, UKEGLK284
JParis, FranceLFPB190
KMadrid, SpainLECU580
LVenice, ItalyLIPZ771
MVienna, AustriaLOWW233
NConstanta, RomaniaLRCK543
OYerevan, Armenia UDYZ749
PLarnaka, Cyprus LCLK601
QTel Aviv, Israel LLBG186
RAqaba, Jordon OIAQ155
SRiyadh, Saudi ArabiaOERK760
TDubai, UAEOMRK471
UKarachi, Pakistan OPKC641
VNagpur, IndiaVANP597
WChittagong, BangladeshVGEG702
XHanoi, VietnamVVNB868
YHong Kong VHHH456
ZShanghai, China ZSPD456
AAHiroshima, JapanRJOA594
ABFukushima, JapanRJSF402
ACSakhalinsk, RussiaUHSS588
ADMagadan, RussiaUHMM831
AEAnadyr, Russia UHMA799
AFAnchorage, AK PANC894
AGKetchikan, AKPAKT671
AHSeattle, WAKBFI586
ABurbank, CAKBUR819

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World Flight and National Tour Donors

Donations were critical in supporting Think Global Flight’s mission of inspiring our next generation.  The donors and advisory council members are pleased with the cumulative results over the program’s effort.  We met our goal, fulfilled our mission, and remained within budget.

Think Global Flight maintained a relatively steady level of funding with all generated income offering a wide range of education, advocacy initiatives, and real-world application for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.)  Total project income exceeded one million dollars, of which ninety-five percent of the donations were provided as in-kind.  Management staff and advisory council are all volunteers, including founder Captain Rice

$5,000 or greater

Aerox Oxygen Systems
Angel City Flyers
Brightline Bags
CHALPA (China Airline Pilot Association)
Fly & Fun Flight School, Madrid Spain
Gulf Coast Avionics
Human Happy Light Productions
Inmarsat Communications
Inventist Media
Michelin Aircraft Tire
Pwnage Studios
Steven Greenwald Design, Inc
SUN ’n FUN International Fly-In & Expo
Thuraya Communications
Wolf Aviation Fund
Mike Radomsky
Plane Transformations

$5,000 or less

All donations were appreciated adding to our successes!